Haiga Portfolio

Color woodcut on rice paper 1966-67


    Haiga Portfolio

Color woodcut on rice paper 1966-67 A/P Edition:50
15 7/8 x 19 3/4 in (40.3 x 50.2 cm)
Each bears the red chop of the artist/ printer, followed by its position number within the portfolio edition of 50, the poet’s name, then the name of the artist (Stanton) and city of Kyoto and the date: 1966/67 ..all in pencil. Each print is within its own folder.

Each impression is priced @$3800. and is in very good condition with some ‘toning’ along the edges.

  1. After Basho: A old pond a frog leaps in, the sound of water
  2. After Basho: A cloud of cherry blossoms; a temple bell, is it from Ueno, is it from Asakusa
  3. After Basho: An octopus trap and fleeting dreams under a summer moon
  4. After Basho: Wild sea and the milky way athwart the island of Sado
  5. After Basho: Bright red sun cruelly hot but the wind is of autumn
  6. After Basho: On a journey ill my dreams wander over the withered moor
  7. After Buson: The spring sea swelling and falling all the day
  8. After Buson: Departing spring hesitates in the late cherry blossoms
  9. After Buson: Sun beams slant on the riverbank and cold rain falls from a floating cloud
  10. After Buson: Demons sowing barley in the long rays of sunset
  11. After Issa: On small islands also men till the earth while larks sing above
  12. After Issa: Naked in the rain riding a naked horse
  13. After Issa: Stony River rippling, lighting flickering
  14. After Issa: Oh flying butterfly, I feel myself a creature of dust
  15. After Shiki: A train passes, how the smoke swirls round the young leaves
  16. After Shiki: Cruel heat, my mind in a whirl, I listen to the thunder rumble
  17. After Shiki: In the hand the fire fly makes a cold brilliance
  18. After Chiyoni: No matter what we wear, we are beautiful when moon viewing
  19. After Hokushi: The sound of a cracked temple bell is also hot under a summer moon