JUNE WAYNE (1918-2011)

The Witnesses II


Color embossed lithograph 1952 Aug Second version; Edition:15
22 7/8 x 28 3/4 in (58.1 x 73.0 cm)

Signed: S&D,lr;T,ll;s&dis,lr;[k],ll;JWbs,lr B.74
1/8 + 1"tears, u margin; 1/2" tear, l margin
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June Wayne began painting as a child and later became involved in the New York School of painters. By 1938, Wayne became an easel project artist for the WPA Art Project, in Chicago, followed by a profession during World War II as a radio writer as well as a stylist for a jewelry manufacturing company. After a return to painting, Wayne moved to Los Angeles in 1940, where the concept of 'space' becomes the essential elements of her works. Moving from oil painting on to printmaking, Wayne, experimented with techniques such as embossing or altering the surface of the lithographic stone. Most noteworthy are the works executed at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop, a successful Institute which she founded and directed in Los Angeles in 1959. Consistently ahead of her time, June Wayne dealt with optical and light theories, symbols and narrative structures, without paralleling any of her contemporary's visions. In her work she found a balance in control and through letting go. She would over time develop a method involving different aspects of optics which controlled the order in which her compositions were experienced and understood by the viewer.