JOHN PAUL JONES (1924-1999)

Paradise Gate:Main Gate


Color lithograph on Grey Rives 1980 Edition:30
22 x 30 in (55.9 x 76.2 cm)

Signed: S,D,ll;Tam & printer blindstamps T.80-119 T.80-119
vg; printed with Paul Rangell at Tamarind, Albuque
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John Paul Jones was born in Indianola, Iowa in 1924. After serving in the army during World War II, he enrolled at the State University, where he studied printmaking under master printer, Mauricio Lasansky. In 1953, he moved to the University of California Los Angeles, where he established UCLA' s print department. After receiving the Guggenheim Fellowship, he traveled twice to Europe, where he was influenced by Old Masters Jan Van Eyck and Piero Della Franccesca, as well as the more recent work of Redon and Giacometti. Upon his return, Jones shifted from printmaking to painting and drawing, where he created enigmatic human figures adrift in vast fields of deeply colored space. Towards the end of his life, Jones explored sculpture in bronze and wood.