HOWARD WARSHAW (1920-1977)



Ink and gouache 1956
5 1/2 x 6 1/8 in (14.0 x 15.5 cm)

Signed: S&D,ul
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Howard Warshaw studied at the Art Student's League before his move to Los Angeles. Working alongside artists Rico LeBrun and Eugene Berman, Warshaw built his style on Renaissance conventions, merging modern imagery with the weight of classic religious styles. Known for his abstract figurative work and amazing draftsmanship, Warshaw's confidence rested in his ability to balance moving forms of massive power, clarifying time sequences with layered line and pigment. The heaviness and dark thematic subject of his work can be understood within the context of post war times. Warshaw shared his knowledge as an instructor during the 1950s-60s at the Jepson Art Institute in Los Angeles as well as at the University of California in Santa Barbara.