California Modernist

LYND WARD 1905 – 1985

LYND WARD’s art and his outreach came to me on two levels: a technical level (his control of the technique of ‘wood engraving’) and an emotional level.  I am in awe of his technique..and I FEEL Lynd Ward’s love…his love of children, of people, of life itself, of the vast cosmos. Lynd Ward doesn’t use words; he doesn’t NEED words; his images convey his thoughts and feelings!  (as Art Spiegelman wrote “too lowbrow to be high art and a mite too highbrow to be ‘Chautauqua’”) My husband Allen and I visited with Lynd and his wife, May, at their home in Reston, Virginia.  We enjoyed their hospitality, their simplicity; we felt like ‘family’.  Lynd understood my activities in the art world, explained to me why he published his art widely and without restrictions or signatures….and why he agreed to sign a selection of his wood engravings for me.  He felt that my collectors also would understand the emotions invested in the images.  .  

LYND WARD Pathfinder

LYND WARD Evening Walk
Evening Walk

  We offer a small group of woodengravings to the art  lovers attending my web outreach.  Each of these prints was pencilsigned by the artist when I visited him back in about 1985.  

LYND WARD God's Man: The Milky Way
God’s Man: The Milky Way

LYND WARD Under Cliff
Under Cliff

LYND WARD Gods Man The Kiss
Gods Man The Kiss

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