[dropcap]JUNE [/dropcap]WAYNE, through the lithograph stone, created enigmatic and evocative images in a full range of tones. Passionate founder and director of the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles 1960-1971, she led the renaissance of lithography. By training printers who then established lithography studios throughout the world, artists were encouraged and facilitated to explore through the medium.

[dropcap]LEONARD[/dropcap] EDMONDSON, in his inventive intaglios, opted for strong abstractions – often biomorphic – in form and color. He uses the techniques of viscosity etching, intruding into the printing of his plates with hand wiping and alien tools to create unique impressions within an edition. Edmondson’s “Etchings”, published in 1973 in England, is part of international curriculums

June Wayne (1918-2011) and Leonard Edmondson (1916-2002) – Titans of Printmaking – are truly international, creative stars who use self-demanding and very different techniques.