Mourlot at Maeght

We offer a fine collection of ‘Derriere les Miroir’ – 30 complete issues, each one focused on the works of an individual artist: Joan Miro, Vassily Kandinsky, Tai-Coat, Riopelle, Chagall, Chillida, Francis Bacon, Giacometti, Derain, Fiedler, Hans Hoffmann, Lindner, Palazuelo, Kenmeny, Pol Bury, jean Bazaine, Valerio Admai, UBAC, etc. .. that include original lithographs – some are double page – printed at Mourlot studios and published by Aime Maeght in France

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We have enjoyed reading and viewing this material and all is inspiring

Also we offer 9 ‘International Studio” magazines c1930.
we feel that interior designers could use these publication in their work; this collection for available for postage and packing

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