Signature Art Exhibition


This Signature Art Exhibition (Virtual Tour with Audio Links) guides us through the 1930s to  the 1970s in Los Angeles.   Evident is the lack of a ‘style’ to define the period – BECAUSE each of these artists was an independent innovator, using personal techniques and expressing personal creativity.  (Virtual Tour with Audio Links)

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Following a loose timeline :
begin with PETER KRASNOW “Man and Woman” wood sculpture c1936, PETER KRASNOW ‘Untitled K-7″ 1947, PETER KRASNOW ‘Untitled K-20″ 1973

OSKAR FISCHINGER “Composition 44″ 1944,  LORSER FEITELSON “Dancers” of 1945, JULES ENGEL ‘Big Top/Night Light’ 1945,

to LEONARD EDMONDSON ‘Yellow Reward’ 1950
and HELEN LUNDEBERG “The Edge” c1951 ,  HELEN LUNDEBERG “Interior with Painting” 1960, HELEN LUNDEBERG “Beach” 1970,
JUNE WAYNE “Dreamers” 1952,  LEONARD EDMONDSON ‘Night Vision” 1952, GORDON WAGNER“Piece of Pieces From the Sea” 1958 and

GORDON WAGNER “The Shrine Box” c1961,   CLINTON ADAMS “Dichotomy” 1961