So Long

$ 2,200

Lithograph 1969 A/P, ed:10 ii T.2719II
30 x 22 inches (76.2 x 55.9cm)
annt. “for Terry”

Signed: S,D&Ann:'For Terry',lr
Catalog: T.2719II
State: ii
Remark: annt. "for Terry"
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"Matsumi Kanemitsu was raised in Hiroshima, Japan but returned to the United States in 1940, enlisting in the U.S. Army in 1941. Following the war, Kanemitsu studied in Baltimore under Karl Metzler, in Paris with Fernand Leger and at the Arts Students' League in New York. His early work was figurative, emotional and personal. Exploring the emotional content of Abstract Expressionism, he revealed his heritage through the power of the calligraphic gesture.

In 1958, Kanemitsu relocated to Los Angeles. He received a grant in 1961 to work at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles, where he mastered lithographic techniques with ease. In his lithographs and through sumi painting techniques in ink and watercolor, Kanemitsu combined a Japanese lyricism with the light and energy of California. "