MARY CORITA KENT (1918-1986)

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Color screenprint 1967 C.204; p.69
21 x 33 inches (53.3 x 57.5cm)

Signed: S,lc
Catalog: C.204; p.69
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She taught in the Immaculate Heart College and became a celebrated chair of its art department. Her classes at Immaculate Heart attracted prominent artists including John Cage, Buckminster Fuller and Charles and Ray Eames whom she, in turn, credited as playing important roles in her artistic development.

Aside from national attention for her ’Love’ postage stamp, her work has been lauded in many museum exhibitions, catalogues and a movie narrated by Eva Marie Sainte.

In 1968 she left the Immaculate Heart order, moved to Boston and simply made art. She died of cancer in 1986.