MARIO AVATI (b.1921)
Nature Morte a l’Estampe

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Mezzotint 1962 43/50 A.333;P.333
9 7/8 x 12 1/8 inches (25.1 x 30.8cm)
A.333; P.333

Signed: S,D&T
Catalog: A.333;P.333
Remark: A.333; P.333
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Beginning in about 1947, Mario Avati recognized his affinity for printmaking . His development of mezzotint techniques, especially, stimulated international acclaim. In the 1960s he accepted fellowships to the Tamarind Lithography Workshop where he explored that technique. He created a number of fine lithographs that further demonstrated his passion for the magic of profound blackness. Still Life is hie favored subject and they convey a power and quietness. At the Tamarind he explored, also, the addition of color to his compositions. Avati lives in Paris and continues his printmaking through multiple intaglio techniques.


1921 Born in Monaco; Italian parents

1940 Made first prints at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Worked with Marc Chagall

1947 Decided on printmaking as a career. Experimented with many intaglio techniques.

1957 Concentrated upon his use of mezzotint

1969 Expanded his technique to include color mezzotint

1963 Accepted Fellowship to Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Los Angeles

1967 Fellowship to Tamarind Lithography Workshop for Color lithography

1980 Mezzotint reproduced as French Commemorative Postage Stamp