Special Announcement

Friday, October 15, 2022, the Los Angeles Printmaking Society (LAPS) commemorated its 50th anniversary with a wonderful, juried exhibition of members’ works hosted by the Mixografia Workshop in Los Angeles.  Individually, the prints on the walls were worthy of study and as a total show…it was remarkable! 
It would be hard for ANYONE to declare any prints as a ‘winner’…because every entry was so fascinating, exquisite, beautiful, challenging, compelling….I’m so glad that I didn’t have the task of comparing and judging for winning various awards. As I slowly walked along the walls hung with these prints, I found myself drawn to – first THIS one…and THAT one…which was soon set-aside in favor of the NEXT print!    I’m eager to see which pieces caught the eye/eyes of the principal judge!
EVERYONE IN SO-CAL – I suggest…I URGE you to see this display.  You will thrill…as I did!AT MIXOGRAFIA WORKSHOP on Adams Blvd – plenty of parking and generous hours.
MIXOGRAFIA WORKSHOP1419 E Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90011 (323) 232-1158 M-F 9-5