YNEZ JOHNSTON (1920-2019)

YNEZ JOHNSTON was a ‘little bird’ – shy, soft spoken, passionate.  She and poet John Berry met and fell completely, deeply in love. They were a ‘unit’. They were ‘a world’.
They traveled – sometimes actually! – sometimes in fantasy.
Ynez created fantasy worlds in her art – and this series of love, lovers and lovemaking reveals scenes of her fantastic worlds!
YNEZ JOHNSTON The He and the She of It
The He and the She of It

The Kiss

YNEZ JOHNSTON Nautical Adventures
Nautical Adventures
YNEZ JOHNSTON With Peach and Dragon Emblems
With Peach and Dragon Emblems
Bring YNEZ JOHNSTON’s fantastic art into YOUR world! .As a group of four images – a pair of Two – or even a Single image will convey the Loving spirit!
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