Simple – Powerful – Dramatic

LYND WARD Buchanan's Mill
Buchanan’s Mill

At one time, Woodengraving as an art form was exemplified by the work of Rockwell Kent; then Paul Landacre’s art was revealed … then LYND WARD’s woodengraving hit the screen!

The BIG THREE represented the woodengraving technique.

Lynd Ward created large individual images: Tree of Life, Buchanan’s Mill, Pathfinder, Clouded Over …

and small format images to illustrate “book without words”, like “Vertigo” and “God’s Man”.

We offer impression of each; signed by Ward to my request.

LYND WARD Tree of Life
Tree of Life

LYND WARD Evening Walk
Evening Walk

 Clouded Over
Clouded Over
Vertigo Book:

Lynd Ward Vertigo_Castle
Vertigo: Castle

LYND WARD Vertigo: Under The Train Track
Vertigo: Under The Train Track

Vertigo: Leaving
Vertigo: Leaving

Each and every one of these pieces of art would be a great beginning or addition to your collection!

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