PETER KRASNOW (1887-1979)

Peter Krasnow emigrated from Russia in early 20th century to Boston and then New York city, where he met Edward Weston at the Art Students’ League. Peter and Weston developed a close relationship.

Weston encouraged Peter and his wife Rose to move to Los Angeles in the 1920s, where the Krasnows bought and built a redwood house next to Weston’s, learned lithography and drew a series of lithographs – including a portrait of Edward Weston.


PETER KRASNOW Mikvah (Ritual Bath)
Mikvah (Ritual Bath)

PETER KRASNOW Mystic (Zabbatai Zvi)
Mystic (Zabbatai Zvi)
PETER[ROSE] KRASNOW The Photographer (Edward Weston)
The Photographer (Edward Weston)
Peter Krasnow received a Guggenheim grant in early 1930s, which enabled Peter and Rose to move to the town of Cazaillac in the Dordogne region of southern France. There Peter made watercolors of the town: the Mayor’s House! and more.

PETER KRASNOW The Mayor's House-Cazaillac
The Mayor’s House-Cazaillac

King David

PETER KRASNOW Houses - Paris
Houses – Paris

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