MOLLY BARNES – TALK TALK! January 19, 2013

Molly Barnes, Host Extraordinaire
Panelists:Rachel Rosenthal, Katherine Cone and Susan Baerwald.

Molly Barnes
has been involved in the Los Angeles art scene for decades as a dealer and curator. She has hosted radio programs and is the author of three books about the art business, including Love at First Sight, a book on collecting. Molly currently hosts a series of art talks at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York, teaches at Otis Art Institute and is writing a book about deKooning. Her Panel

Rachel Rosenthal is an interdisciplinary artist, a teacher, and animal rights activist based in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for her full-length performance art pieces which she has toured, with The Rachel Rosenthal Company. Her work brings forth a creative imagination amongst the highest in the ranks of LA artist.

Katherine Cone is a highly respected Los Angeles gallerest. She grew up and was educated on the East Coast and has an impressive family legacy that includes the famous art collectors, Etta and Claribel Cone, who, in the early twentieth century, were avid collectors of Matissse and Picasso and were instrumental in exposing their work in America. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2003, she worked with several top galleries and in 2011 opened Katherine Cone Gallery in Culver City

Susan Baerwald co-founded Just Folk in Santa Barbara in June of 2007 to showcase her long time passion for American Folk and Outsider art.