July 14 to September 4, 2015

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Here in Southern California, we blend many cultures in true American melting pot tradition.  We trace roots to the original latin countries – here and abroad – to add spices to our pot!

Our LATIN FLAVORS 2015 spans a century that includes art by Posada, Zuniga and Romero, in a flow of story telling, folklore, songsheets that pour out the passions of the artists.  Dramatic black and white adds to the brew, though color is intrinsic.   These colors reveal the moods, the visions and the heat that is a part of creativity.

David Alfaro Siqueiros’s mountainous landscape climbs to 6000 feet at Macchu Picchu but Frank Romero brings us down to earth at MacArthur Park with the ice cream vendors.  Francisco Zuniga depicts an earthy nude in contrast to Elizabeth Catlett’s study of a young Rafaela.  Carlos Merida narrates the origins of the earth while Leopoldo Mendez reveals the plights of a family disconnected from its land.

Pablo O’Higgins observes the village laundress while Jean Charlot is depicting a holiday hairdressing.   Jesus Escobedo somberly meditates alongside Rico Lebrun’s Mourners at the Crucifixion, while Manuel Alvarez Bravo’s carousel horse slyly peeks at Francisco Toledo’s turtle on the ladder!

LATIN FLAVORS 2015 brims with imagination, honesty, humor, social commentary, heartfelt sadness and Life, Life, Life.

Techniques include: Lithography, Etching, Screenprinting, Photography, Drawing, Woodcut, Typography and  Sculpting.

Many additional pieces can be seen on our website :

Do check us out and visit the Gallery – in person, over the telephone or on the web. We look forward to greeting you!

  • LEOPOLDO MENDEZ Desalojados - Dispossessed
    LEOPOLDO MENDEZ Desalojados – Dispossessed