We present examples by  Nicholas ‘Nick’ Brigante (1895-1989), and \ through photography and drawing.

Barnbaum captured the forces of Nature that are

also echoed in Brigante’s tide pools, winds and mists.

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Brigante and Barnbaum “carry” me into spaces where words are unnecessary; they engage the emotions.


Nicholas ‘Nick’ Brigante (1895-1989) 

1960s India Ink drawings


              NICHOLAS P. BRIGANTE Shifting Tide

Shifting Tide

NICHOLAS P. BRIGANTE Tide Pool (series #2)
Tide Pool (series #2)
 Shifting Tide
NICHOLAS P. BRIGANTE Reaching for the Heights
Reaching for the Heights



Bruce Barnbaum (b.1943) 

1970s Black and White
Silverprints capture California!
BRUCE BARNBAUM Sierra Wave Cloud
Sierra Wave Cloud
BRUCE BARNBAUM Sandstone and Sage
Sandstone and Sage



BRUCE BARNBAUM Beneath the Santa Monica Pier
Beneath the Santa Monica Pier
BRUCE BARNBAUM Fallen Sequoias
Fallen Sequoias




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