January 15 to March 30, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 15th, 2010 2:00 to 6:00pm

Printmaking is a risky business! The artist’s hand, concept and palette often result in startling surprises because of the physical efforts; the many types of available papers; the humidity of the moment affecting the viscosity of pigments; absorbency of the selected paper; the resultant mirror image from the printer, the pressure of the press – and the skill of the printer! Sometimes the print is pulled by the artist; sometimes the print is pulled in collaboration with a trained printer. These are only a few of the many elements that can affect the approved print – and the satisfaction of the artist.
My gallery was opened with a specialization in Prints. Though we offer paintings, drawings and sculpture also, the love of printmaking is still a primary stimulus.

WOODCUTS by Werner Drewes, S. Macdonald Wright
WOODENGRAVINGS by Lynd Ward, Don Rico
LINOCUTS by Elizabeth Catlett, Peter Krasnow
MONOPRINTS by Joseph Goldyne, Peter Krasnow, Joyce Treiman
ETCHINGS by Leonard Edmondson, Ynez Johnston. Lee Chesney
LITHOGRAPHS by Adja Yunkers, John Paul Jones, Jules Engel, John Altoon
SCREENPRINTS by Jacob Lawrence, Esther Lewis, Dorr Bothwell
PHOTOGRAVURES by Alfred Stieglitz, Edweard Muybridge
PHOTOGRAPHS by Lou Jacobs Jr, Basil Langton
plus many other artists’ works also.

Explore! Discover! Enjoy!

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