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The Creative Synapse: Fantasies, Imaginings, Drawings, Sculptures

November 12, 2006 through January 6, 2007

Opening Reception: Sunday, November 12, 2006 - 2 to 5pm

Drawing: Barbie's Ivory Tower
Maquette: Barbie's Ivory Tower

PETER SHIRE - his name and creativity inspire awe and amazement in all of us. He is the well-known creator of whimsical teapots, Memphis-style furniture (as shown at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the spring of 2006), not to overlook his monumental public sculptures around the world.

Our exhibition focuses upon conceptual paintings, drawings and maquettes that relate to public artworks stretching from Peter’s back yard to Japan.  The high-key color maquette for the Glass-Simons Memorial at Angel's Point in Elysian Park is one of the special pieces we are offering.  Progressive paintings and a steel-and-enamel maquette relate to the Empire Man, a sculptural installation at the Empire Center in Burbank, with an echo at the Vermont Metro station.

A complementary catalogue allows the viewer to see the finished product without spanning the globe.

Our exhibition seeks to show viewers the ‘creative synapse’... the spark that guides Peter from idea to realization.

Rocking Man Ha Ha
Lock Keyed Rocking Man
Torso Teapot
Sky Hook #31: Curly Boy
Sky Hook #1
Angel and Menorah
Peace Dove Menorah
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