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Opening reception: Thursday, June 29th   6 to 8 pm

What do Peter Shire, Ynez Johnston and Henry Moore have in common?

Answer: the ability to translate the illusion of space, volume and mass to a two-dimensional sheet of paper from three-dimensional stone, wood, plaster, ceramic or bronze sculptures.

And they are not alone.  Our exhibition includes works by Betye Saar, Lynn Chadwick and Sorel Etrog, as well as by Rico Lebrun, Herbert Bayer, Laddie John Dill and Jack Zajac....and the list goes on. 

 In Jacques Lipschitz’s lithograph we recall the monumental bronze Peace on Earth at the Los Angeles Music Center Plaza; Arnaldo Pomodoro’s lithograph Untitled (Grid Pattern) transitions clearly to his intricate mechanistic bronzes; Henry Moore’s lithograph Thirteen Standing Figures predicts the organic figuration of his massive sculptures.

Using newsprint and coffee filters, George Herms’ Collage/Watercolor relate directly to his assemblages.  Peter Krasnow’s lithograph Mikveh connects us to his wood Demountables.  Ruth Asawa’s Tamarind Desert Flower lithographs bring her hanging handwoven wire sculptures to mind.  Their powers bridge the media.

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