Engel and Brigante Nov 2015

Jules Engel and Nicholas ‘Nick’ Brigante
Drawings and Watercolors

Jules Engel (1909 – 2003) and Nicholas ‘Nick’ Brigante(1897-1989) were far apart in their imagery BUT they both loved ‘the line’ and ‘motion’, as demonstrated in these two exhibitions. Each artist has his unique ‘hand’ which clearly captured rhythmic goals. Compare, contrast and enjoy!

Jules Engel
Disney to CalArts 1930s-1990s

JULES ENGEL Fantasia: Dance of the Hours
Fantasia: Dance of the Hours, Hippos, Crocodiles, Ostrich Ballerinas
  • JULES ENGEL Fantasia: Nutcracker Suite
    Fantasia: Nutcracker Suite, Russian Thistle Dancers (Studies)

   Nicholas P. Brigante
Watercolors 1920s-1960s

  • NICHOLAS P. BRIGANTE Workers Series #39
    Workers Series #39