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James Hueter has always been in southern California - as an artist, as a student, as an artist, as a teacher, as an artist and, finally, as an Artist.   He has a distinct and individual aesthetic voice that rings with his passion for architectonic elements in his depiction of the human head.  Further, he invites us to explore the world, the recesses behind the eyes, the hidden world of emotions and of thought.

Active since the late 1940s - initially as Henry Lee McFee's prize student - he has been equally lauded for his paintings and drawings as well as his sculpture.  In combining these techniques today, he creates strong textures, rich color and trompe l'oeil surfaces that melt or reflect.  Part of each piece is also a sensitivity, a quiet presence, a pervasive gentleness.

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James Hueter Chronology

List of Artworks

Exhibitions at Tobey C. Moss Gallery:
2000 James Hueter: Visages, Recent Work
1996 Four Friends: Rupert Deese, James Hueter, Sam Maloof, Harrison McIntosh
1993 James Hueter: Reflections: Scuplture-Painting
1991 James Hueter: Visages
1988 James Hueter: Aptos Watercolors
1986 James Hueter: Sculpture-Paintings
1984 James Hueter: Visages: Scuplture-Paintings

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