COLLAGE May/June 2015


May/June 2015 go here WILLIAM DOLE Proxy            ;JULES ENGEL Homage to Louise Nevelson

just click for source The technique of collage is a process of ‘add-ons’….applying papers, string, objects, photographs, buttons and bows to a support of paper, cardboard, board, cloth or whatever……resulting in a composition of complex ideas, textures and shapes.

more info To illustrate: here are works of art by artists whose minds transgress boundaries. William Dole, Jules Engel, Betye Saar, Werner Drewes, Leonard Edmondson, Increase Robinson, and Emerson Woelffer.

We find these images exciting. They encourage you and me to ‘think outside the box’; we hope you feel the same curiosity and interest!

Imagination, serendipity and stacks of ‘stuff’ are the stimuli.

LEONARD EDMONDSON  Portrait        WERNER DREWES Black & White - a Study