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Paintings, Prints, Drawings, Collages
January 20th to February 28th,2001

There are many people who think of Abstraction as Detraction; others consider Abstraction as Obfuscation. We think of Abstraction as Simplification ....that is, simplification of a composition to its 'bones', to its essence.

In this exhibition, we present works by Jean Arp, Herbert Bayer, Karl Benjamin, Dorr Bothwell, Adolf Dehn, Sonia Delaunay, William Dole, Werner Drewes, Leonard Edmondson, Jules Engel, Lorser Feitelson, Oskar Fischinger, Frederick Hammersley, Hardy Hanson, James Hueter, Matsumi Kanemitsu, David P. Levine, Helen Lundeberg, John McLaughlin, Elizabeth McCord, Nathan Oliveira, Channing Peake, John Sennhauser, Howard Warshaw, June Wayne, Emerson Woelffer, and others.

These artists have pared down their compositions to capture emotions, to unveil mysteries and to heighten our awareness of those essential structures. At play are cool lines, flowing rhythms, abrupt angles, surprising color relationships, dense linear pattems, interchanging negative and positive 'spaces' and elusive forms.



Head Count presents the human head, face or countenance as subject matter, through which various artists examine the personality, identity, emotion and physicality of individuals.

There are carefully rendered works such a s MAXINE ALBRO's portrait of artist JOHN MCLAUGHLIN. In sharp contrast is JOHN PAUL JONES' lithograph, Head, which is mysterious in its lack of form al description. Several self-portraits are included, which offer clues as to how artists LOSER FEITELSON, STANTON MACDONALD-WRIGHT and NICHOLAS BRIGANT viewed themselves.

EDWARD WEST0N's photograph of his wife, Flora Weston, reveals evidence of love whereas ALFRED STIELGLITZ presents a flirtacious Miss S. R.