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Jerusalem Print Workshop

July 10th - August 30th, 2003

Our Tobey C. Moss Gallery is privileged to offer etchings, drypoints, mezzotints and screenprints created at the Jerusalem Print Workshop by nine Israeli artists: LARRY ABRAMSON, ALIMA, ASAF BEN ZVI, MOSHE GERSHUNI, ISRAEL HADANI, DOV HELLER, DINA KAHANA-GUELER, ALEX KREMER and PESSACH SLABOSKY.

Founded in 1974, The Jerusalem Print Workshop is the largest and most important print workshop in Israel.  Throughout its almost 30 years, the Jerusalem Print Workshop brings together prominent Israeli artists and printers; it serves as a catalyst for the appreciation of fine print techniques.

Founder and Director ARIK KILEMNIK studied at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in the 1950s, and in the 60s moved to New York to study at the Pratt Institute.  It was during this period that he first approached the art of printmaking and explored the dream of creating his own print workshop in Israel. Israeli printmaking was very limited in 1971 when Kilemnik returned to Jerusalem.   He incorporated many of the principles established ten years earlier by the Tamarind Lithography Workshop of Los Angeles: to be technologically equipped to stimulate aesthetic vision, to create the criteria for excellence and to encourage experimentation and innovation.  His first invited guest artist was Robert Rauschenberg.

Throughout its history, the Workshop has hosted many other prominent Israeli artists, such as Menashe Kadishman, Igael Tumarkin, Liliane Klapish as well as  internationally known Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein and Alexander Calder.  These artists have worked at the Jerusalem Print Workshop over the years, encouraged by Arik Kilemnik’s ideology concerning the collaborative role of the artist printmaker with the printer.  The Workshop’s printers provide technological expertise to help artists achieve their aesthetic goals.

The success of the Jerusalem Print Workshop is due to the vision and perseverance of Arik Kilemnik.  He has realized his dream to create a setting for the creation of the finest prints, on the cutting edge of technology and raising the status of the art of printmaking in Israel to the highest international level.  In this environment of an open and free exchange of ideas between artist and printer, these goals have been, are and will continue to be achieved.

Our show presents a profile of Kilemnik’s - and the artists’  - powers.

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