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Art of the Americas

Including works by


July 12 to August 30, 2008

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 12th   2 to 5 pm

Frank Romero, California Plaza
Pablo O'Higgins, Lupe

Between the United States and Mexico, Central America and Cuba there is a special bond, a familial connection.  The exchange of population is one evidence of this bonding but even stronger evidence is provided through aspects of culture: Language, Music and Art.  Revealed in art are societal forms, social criticism and community customs, with special ‘flavors’ of the individual home countries.

The Tobey C. Moss Gallery mounts an exhibition to focus upon these aspects in the Latin  paintings, lithographs, etchings and drawings by renowned artists Raul Anguiano, Rufino Tamayo, Leonora Carrington, Carlos Merida, Gunther Gerzso, Pablo O’Higgins, Leopoldo Mendez, Jose Luis Cuevas, Francisco Zuniga and others.  We also include works by Chicano artists Carlos Almaraz, Gronk, Frank Romero and John Valadez, as well as works by Francis deErdely, John Schroeder, Gordon Wagner and Howard Warshaw which have been inspired by Latino culture.  We also present a new project published by Aardvark Letterpress in Los Angeles which celebrates the city of Los Angeles based upon Loteria, a Mexican game of chance.

Many of these artists are/were shared by many countries through their travels and education.  An easy blurring of borders is demonstrated in the techniques, compositions and narratives in their work.  Political broadsides and folk customs, abstraction and photography reflect the varied visions of these artists of Mexico, Guatemala, California and Cuba.

Jean Charlot, Trinity and Episodes of Benedictine Life
Roberto Montenegro, Brown Stallion in Surreal Landscape
Gunther Gerzso, T-4 Naranja-rojo-azul
Gronk, Seeds of Secrecy
Leonora Carrington, The Messenger
John Valadez, Maria de México
Carlos Almaraz, Silverlake at Night
Gordon Wagner, Our Lady of Guadalupe

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