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JUNE WAYNE 1918 – 2011 When June Wayne arrived in Los Angeles in the mid-1940s, she sought to refine her technique with Lynton Kistler at his established lithography workshop. She created multiple prints in the late 1940s, liked what she saw and continued making her lithographs there until 1957 when she and Kistler ‘agreed to […]

Architecture is a Path

The principles of Architecture are usually associated with the design and construction of a structure in/or encompassing space. However those architectural or ‘architectonic’ principles are often applied broadly to include art works any available surface – prints and drawings on paper, sculpture in wood, metal, concrete, paintings on canvas, on paper, on a wall…etc. The […]

The Photographic Eye

a stellar collection of images that range from the abstract to the portrait – from genre to industrial … images to LIVE WITH. This eclectic showing displays a wide range of 20th century artists ranging from CameraWorks/Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Weston to Lou Jacobs Jr. and Gyorgy Kepes. The listing below describes our walls. Some […]